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Karen Pryor: Broker/Owner of Pryority Lending Group








I began my lending career as a broker associate in 1993. Focusing on referral based business, I grew my database and loan production until I felt it was time to transition to becoming a retail branch of a direct lender. From 2000 until 2016, I managed that branch, continuing my personal production until 2014, and eventually evolved into a regional manager role recruiting and growing other retail branches in the Southern CA area. I continued on that path in 2016 when I took on a regional role managing both wholesale and retail channels for another direct lender.

Ultimately, I realized I had drifted far from my original passion: helping to make a difference on a personal level. To that end, I have come full circle back to originating and (since I’m close to it myself) focusing on helping people get the most from their retirement years.